Military Years

My Military years

Collection of class pictures taken between 1989-95
Yes that’s me at 19 years old just after basic
training in St-Jean, Quebec, Canada

My Vawt

My First Wind Turbine
Based on the LENZ2 design from elenz(at)
My Version is slightly modified it’s only 36″x 26″ and uses
a modified ceiling fan alternator it generates ~ 70 Watts.
More information can be found at:

Charge Controller

My Charge Controller & Bat-O-Meter
This is my charged controller base around a 555 timer a
40 Amps car relay
it includes selectable dump loads Battery
volt meter.More information can be found from the designer at:


My Ceiling Fan DC Alternators
Here are a couple of my Ceiling fan alternators I’ve built 3 of them so far and I’m really pleased with the results. Two are in production the
third will be connected to an excersice bike. Stay tune on that
one. Muddymuddymuddman has produce some of the best youtube video
tutorial and I own all the credit to him for my success.


My Sun Tracker using a TV Antenna Rotor
This was put together rather quickly last summer, just to see
if it worked 
and could support my panel in high wind so far it’s doing the job, but I will replace the panel and add automatic tracker and a couple of DIY solar panels more to come on that project also

Wind turbines

My Vertical axis Wind Turbines
This is my first attempt at building PVC blades and after
three tries I’m almost pleased with the results they work great
in high winds which is something we don’t get often so new
blades for sure..!


My Battery Desulfator kit
This is the best thing since bread and butter it’s a
simple inexpensive device that can save your dead
deep cycle batteries. It work by sending high voltage and
frequency pulses to your batteries and knocks the
sulphur of the lead plates. More to come on that…!