I want to welcome you to my little corner of the world on the  net. Please be patient with me as this is my first blog and I’m still in the process of learning wordpress which is great so far (Got to love free Blogging…!)
I guess a little about me is in order, I’m a 44 y/o man with a background in electronics I spent 8 years in the Canadian armed forces as a Teltech fixing and maintaining communications systems.

I’ll be posting some pictures at some point when I figure out how to make picture galleries…! I then switch careers and became an IT consultant and I’ve been doing that ever since…!

I’ve always had a passion for building things that is how I started in computers had a fascination with building and repairing them, but for that last decade computer hardware is now a commodity and it’s easier and cheaper to buy them assembled.

So that’s were my new found love came in. I always wanted to setup the cottage with some sort of power source and started reading and researching ways to generate my own at the cheapest price possible and since I love building thing I started on my journey and can’t wait to share with you and compare notes, exchange idea’s an explore new concepts…!

On that note please come back often, post lots of comments and let the fun begin…!

Hugues Belanger